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The Shop


The shop was born thanks to Carlo Fini in 1902 and was the first Goldsmith's shop in Barberino di Mugello near Florence.

At that time was just a small shop, and it grew up in time until it became an important and noted shop.

In 1948 Sergio Fini created the workshop, at the beginning he worked only with watches and after thanks to his son Guerrino started to work in the field of creation of jewels.

Now our service offers, thanks to centuries-old experience, an excellent professionalism. In the shop you could find a various range of watches brands, high jewelry and unique hand made jewels.

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The Workshop


Guerrino Fini starts his experience with watches, where he develop, in time, a high professionalism thanks to his work on important private collections.

In the 1980s, because of the development of the shop, he start his experience as goldsmith working on the creation of hand made jewels.

The creation of jewels is a hard job and Guerrino combine creativity, professionalism and passion, to make unique high quality pieces.



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